Yeung Ming-Tai




HK (1989), UK (1988)



Yeung Ming-Tai is both a practising barrister and a professional civil engineer.

Mr. Yeung has considerable experience in preparation of contract documentation and in contract administration and handling claims by contractors in infrastructure, highways and earthworks projects. He has practised as a civil engineer for 11 years.

He commenced his legal practice in 1989 and since then has been handling mainly construction and commercial litigation and arbitration as well as personal injury cases. He has been advising his lay clients on various stages of construction and commercial projects, ranging from drafting of terms and conditions of contracts to resolution of disputes through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

He has been acting as a sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator in many construction and commercial disputes. He is now listed in the HKIAC panel of arbitrators, the Bar Association panel of arbitrators and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers panel of arbitrators. He has also been appointed by ICC as co-arbitrator in an international commercial arbitration involving a sum of about US$17 million.

He is currently the Chairman of the Waste Disposal Appeal Board, the Deputy Chairman of the Town Planning Appeal Board, a Vice Chairman of the Municipal Services Appeal Board and a Chairman of the Building Appeal Tribunal. He is also an Observer of the Independent Police Complaints Council. He has served as the Chairman of the Noise Control Appeal Board for six years (from 2007 to 2013).

He has acted as Dispute Resolution Advisor in five public works projects. He has also acted as mediator in more than 10 construction disputes. Apart from working as mediator and Dispute Resolution Advisor, he also teaches at various universities in Hong Kong on the subject of alternative dispute resolution which covers the principles and skills in conducting arbitration, mediation, dispute resolution and dispute avoidance.